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Welcome to Forest Allied Health

We are a dedicated team of experienced Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists providing a diverse range of home or community-based services across Northern Sydney including the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Hornsby area, Epping, Ryde and Hills District.

Forest Allied Health is an NDIS Registered Provider with extensive experience supporting adults and young people under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Operating within NDIS since 2017 as Forest Occupational Therapy, we are the same fantastic team just with a brand new name!

Our therapists also have a special interest in Aged Care and rehabilitation and offer home assessments and treatment to restore function, optimise safety and facilitate independence.

We offer Ergonomics Assessments and provide recommendations and education on suitable home office and workstation setup

Forest Allied Health is committed to providing therapy services that are person centred and goal driven. Our AHPRA registered Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists seek to spend time understanding each individual within their social and physical environment in order to address their goals.


Activities of Daily Living Functional Assessments

Comprehensive functional assessments of a person’s participation in daily tasks. Identification of therapy goals to optimise function, improve safety and facilitate independence. Activities include personal care tasks such as showering and dressing; domestic tasks such as meal preparation; leisure and social activities, and community tasks such as using public transport or shopping.

Assistive Technology Equipment and Home Modifications

The OT can assess for, trial and prescribe equipment to enable individuals to perform everyday activities, or to prevent injuries. Examples include shower and toilet equipment, beds, lifting aids such as hoists, wheelchairs, pressure relieving cushions and daily living aids such as dressing aids or adaptive cutlery. Assistive Technology (AT) reports can be completed for submission to NDIS.

We conduct home assessments and can make recommendations for home modifications to improve the ability to access and use your home safely and independently. Modifications may include grab rails in shower recess or beside toilet, handrails at steps or external paths, ramps, measurement for bed or chair raisers, safety lighting, home automation, application of non-slip surfaces and kitchen modifications. Includes OT referral to home modification service or builder with accompanying diagrams and specifications.

Living Skills Development and Retraining

Occupational Therapy intervention focussed on developing skills to increase participation and independence. May relate to ability to complete personal care, domestic tasks such as cooking and laundry, community tasks such as travel training and shopping and self-management tasks including organisation, problem solving and budgeting. The OT works with the individual to set and prioritise goals meaningful to them and their life stage. Skill development sessions take place in the home environment, local community, workplace or school to provide relevant and tailored sessions at a level suited to the individual.

Housing Solutions Assessments and Reports

Our therapists are experienced at completing comprehensive assessments and detailed reports necessary for applying for Supported Independent Living (SIL), Independent Living Options (ILO) or Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding through NDIS. An Occupational Therapy housing solutions assessment can assist you with identifying appropriate housing options and funding models to achieve your goals.

Care Needs Assessments and Supports Planning

Comprehensive assessments can assist with determining the formal and informal supports, services, and equipment necessary for adults with disabilities, injuries or illness to participate in personal, work, community or leisure activities and work on achieving their goals. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive functional assessments and writing high quality reports to support applications for admission to the NDIS, applications for Assistive Technology, Supported Independent Living Funding, Specialist Disability Accommodation or to ensure appropriate supports are identified for NDIS Plans.

Cognitive Assessment

The OT can complete a range of assessments to review cognitive function and determine the impact of any cognitive decline or dementia on performance in everyday activities. The OT can assist with developing strategies for clients, their relatives and care workers to enable participation in activities despite cognitive changes. Interventions may involve adapting the environment, modifying or simplifying a task.

Mental Health Occupational Therapy and Intervention

Occupational Therapists help people struggling with mental health issues.  OT’s work holistically, and engage a strengths-based, recovery orientated approach to help people develop meaning and purpose in their life, and engage in desired activities, as well as achieve personal goals.

An occupational therapist may help a person to develop coping strategies for overcoming their mental health issues, or reduce the impact of mental illness on daily life.  Occupational therapists assist individuals to:

  • Develop skills to live more independently
  • Structure daily activities, including sleep, nutrition, personal hygiene and managing medications, as well as structuring in activities that give a person a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment
  • Work through stress and emotional dysregulation
  • Link in with the community, to improve social connectedness
  • Overcome grief and loss, work through trauma
  • Improve self-esteem, and achieve personal goals, including study and work.
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills
  • Undertake a sensory profile and provide sensory interventions to improve emotional regulation
  • Develop strategies to manage and overcome depression
  • Assist with overcoming addictions such as gambling, drugs and alcohol, eating disorders
  • Overcome anxieties including agoraphobia, and complex and adult PTSD
  • Develop strategies to manage and overcome extreme emotional states including self-harm and suicidal ideation
  • Manage personal wellness and physical health, including developing healthy habits that promote health and well-being

Trauma is common among people with mental illness, and intervention involves a trauma informed approach, understanding the wide-ranging physical, mental and behavioural impacts of trauma.

Aged Care Assessments and Falls Prevention

A comprehensive home assessment is beneficial for professional advice on ways to improve safety in the home environment, support transition home from hospital or help prevent falls at home. OT intervention can help with making daily personal care and domestic tasks safer and easier though use of specialised equipment and home modifications such as grab rails. The OT can provide assessment and referral for aged care services for personal care, domestic assistance, meal services, community transport and outings and personal alarms. Information and applications for aged care services can be made online through My Aged Care.

Ergonomics and Home Office Assessments

With many people now working from home it is important the home office environment is well setup to prevent musculoskeletal injuries, repetitive strain injuries and fatigue. The influence of incorrect postures and lifting skills, as well as poor back health principles can have an influence on mood, endurance and ultimately work productivity. Contact us for an assessment of your work environment together with a work specific activity analysis to provide recommendations and education on setting up a suitable workstation.

Sensory Profile Assessments

Understanding how an individual processes sensory information can be useful for increasing awareness of an individual’s sensory needs and understanding how they interact with their social and physical environment. Following assessment, the OT can work with the person and their circle of supports to develop a program of sensory strategies to help with regulating sensory input with the goal of optimising function and allowing participation in daily activities.

Neuro Assessments and Intervention

A neurological condition or incident (incl. stroke, head injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, tumour resection, Motor Neuron Disease etc.) can have a significant influence on an individual and his/her family. In many cases, it impacts a person’s physical abilities, and/or their cognitive skills, vision and perception and psychosocial behaviour. The recovery following such an incident or diagnosis is in many cases a long road and requires a great deal of support. At Forest Occupational Therapy, we can assess the specific areas affected by a neurological condition and are able to provide neuro specific intervention in order to assist clients in their mission to attain as much independent functioning and life participation as possible.

Manual Handling Risk Assessments and Training

The right equipment and correct manual handling technique may help prevent injuries to both individuals and their caregivers. Risk assessment and training is available for individuals and their carers at home or in residential facilities.


An OT assessment can assist with managing incontinence needs. Multiple factors can impact an individual’s level of bladder and bowel continence. OT’s can advise on suitable equipment, environmental adaptations and behavioural strategies to help manage continence.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose Forest Allied Health?

Forest Allied Health is committed to providing OT, Physio and Exercise Physiology services that are person centred and goal driven. Our Therapists seek to spend time understanding each individual within their social and physical environment, in order to address their goals.

The therapist will work with you to restore or maintain function, optimise safety and facilitate independence. Our therapists are experienced clinicians with a broad range of skills in adult disability and aged care. We are experienced in functional assessments, independent living skills development, retraining of activities of daily living (ADL), falls prevention education, home environment assessments, equipment prescription and home modifications. We  have worked with both government and insurer funded disability support programs providing comprehensive assessments, reports and case managements services for adults with complex care needs.


Do I need a referral?

You require a GP referral if you are seeking treatment under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or Chronic Condition Management Plan.


When and where will my appointment take place?

Forest Allied Health provides home or community-based services so that you can be assessed within your home, work or leisure environment. Appointments are available Monday to Friday. Forest Allied Health recognises that it can be difficult to fit appointments in around family, carers and working commitments, therefore, after-hours and weekend appointments are available on request.

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If you would like further information or wish to contact Forest Allied Health, please call or email us. If you would like to make a Referral click here. We will endeavour to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.

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